Our Philosophy

The appeal of a well-maintained parking lot enhances the value of a building, shows pride of ownership and yields happy tenants and employees. Property managers, visiting customers, and the general public all value a property that is well kept. For decades, Park Paving has been specializing in asphalt parking lots and driveways. From repairs to new installations, Park Paving has the experience and dedication to successfully meet all your expectations promptly and affordably. 

     Quality - Craftsmanship - Service Since 1984
making a first impression
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   Commercial Paving Services  

      * Complete Parking Lot Reconstruction
    * Parking Lot Resurfacing / Overlay
    * Parking Lot Additions
    * Asphalt Repairs
    * Catch Basin Repairs
    * Speed Bumps Installed
    * Installation of Precast Concrete Bumper Curbs
    * Installation of Steel Bollards
    * Excavating / Haulage
    * Grading for Proper Water Drainage 
    * Saw Cut Asphalt Repairs
    * Pothole Repairs
    * Line Markings
    * Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Routing and Sealing